by Science Club

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Science Club returns with more things you didn't ask for.


released September 14, 2015

This collection of songs was written by Science Club, in the city of Philadelphia, Year of our Lord 2014 and 2015. Two were a product of the November Project, two were a product of serendipity.

The songs were recorded in two days at Sleepless Sound in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. All editing, mixing and mastering was done there.

Science Club would like to thank its family, its girlfriends and its benefactors for supporting it. Money from shows and record purchases was used to fund the recording of these songs. We cannot thank you enough.

Additionally, Science Club would like to highlight the following rock and roll institutions for their continued support of this doomed miasma of tones and grunts: Sexy Teenagers, Scatterbrain, Hopeless Otis, Welter, Lucky 33, Seeing Snakes, Waiting, Punktastic, Dying Scene, Real Gone, Against the Oddz and 36 Vultures.


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Science Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A punk rock band from Philadelphia, going nowhere and taking you along.

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Track Name: The Lord Will Have His Terrible Vengence
Save the bathwater
Save the baby
don't throw away the things that sustain me
cut the metaphore, get specific
I want my friends back, I've grown to miss them
Zach asked "why're you afraid all the time?"
I said "if you're not, you must be out of your fucking mind"
I subscribe to a theory of strings
One simple snag can unravlle fucking everything

the way you look on the bed
the sounds that shake in my head
the terrible swift sword
the undending word of the lord

Drain the bathwater
kill the baby
last person out cut the lights and forgive me
I can't stand anymore navel-gazing
fuzzy vision and ennui fields waving
so don't ask me again if the doors are at 9, if the first band starts again
who you love, who you're friends with
punk rock is none of my business

the sleep we both were deprived
the tears I wiped from your eyes
the terrible swift sword
the undending word of the lord

the pride i felt in my chest
the echos that shook out the rest
the terrible swift sword
let my love open the door
Track Name: We Live Here Now
the bedroom is freezing
the cat keeps on scratching
it wakes up my girlfriend
we're safe here, go back to bed

you can try if you want but you're never going to find a better way
there's a city on fire but you're nothing going outside so you can see
I don't want you love me
I want you to fuck off and go away
you can sing if you want but the words never mattered anyway
I will never go away

you call me, new number
i don't know who is this
you think about the old house
its too late, we live here now

I am burning with a hate so pure, it'll never go away
this will never go away
Track Name: Punk Rock is None of my Business
there are no ghosts here, there are just bones here
bodies at rest and well-wishers wishing their best
for the friends that they miss because everyone's dead

these are not your clothes just because they fit you
gray, sagging skin with a beat you can dance to
and so effortlessly impressed and fucking depressed

keep eating youth, see how far it can get you
was it something I said?
why are we not friends?

There are no homes here, they are just buildings
but by all means take a tour with the well-meaning
woman you won't see again, utilities free

There are no ghosts here, do not be afraid
everything you see is in a state of decay
including myself, including my face
Track Name: The Bad Friend Shuffle
Chicken fingers and bread sticks.

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