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Stay alive.


released September 4, 2018

All songs written and arranged by Science Club. Lyrics by Science Club. Record produced by Brandon Bujnowski and Knuckle Down Records. Album recorded at If and Only If Studios in New York City, April 2018. Science Club is Nick Elmer, Joe Delorenzo and Nate Adams.


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Science Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A punk rock band from Philadelphia, going nowhere and taking you along.

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Track Name: Prom
I saw your greasy hair from the back of the classroom
reading all the buttons you had pinned into your track suit
writing in a notebook you would fill it up with poetry
never showed to anyone, you wanted to show me

I want to be with you tonight
I want to hear about your whole life, all the time
tell me all the things you feel tonight
I want a life

Went and would get breakfast every single time we're able
talking over everything over everything bagels
ask you to the prom you told me that it would be stupid
nobody would dance but us, we thought that was cool

When into the basement every time your parents left home
gave your sister thirty dollars brought us back some boons farm
fooling on a futon playing stairway to heaven
Just want to be close to you, you wanted everything
Track Name: Glass
I've smashed my head on concrete once or twice
I've failed to follow a dead friend's advice
I learned to hug the gun and kick the knife
to charm the snake and welcome its warm bite
I've broken collar bones but always lived
shattered ankles, shattered arms and wrists
But never had I ever hurt like this

I ignored a call from my mother and walked to the store
I went to the movies with October sweat on my clothes
I ignored the screaming of strangers and drove myself home
I fell asleep know there aren't good days anymore
nothing like it before

Everybody keeps falling apart
and telling me how painful these falls are
the crowds erupt avalanche of applause
The preacher and the choir hugging gauze
maybe its for good its in the air
I think my secrets are better left where 
I can keep them close, under repair

snowflakes keep melting and turning to slush in the street
beautiful once but who care when their soaking my feet
we've all read that one book, we've all seen that vampire flick
chins running parallel, chests facing out towards the threats
we're better than this

You said you've never leave me, I said I don't believe you
I called your bluff you grabbed your stuff
I feel so great to be here
Track Name: Joe's Jam (Tender Moments for Intimate Encounters)
There are windows that we don't close
we want to feel the backyard on our shoulders
and breathe it out
I don't know quite where the road goes

Replacing everything
with greatest hits collections, I could really use the space
the memory's the same
All my thoughts are gaining weight and rounding out
why did I get these in the first place?

Every time I open up my sloppy mouth
I'm never sure what awful noise will come back out.
Track Name: Yolanda
You're killing me.
Track Name: Emotional Bullshit VI - The Undiscovered Country (Lights)
I;m missing liquor, I'm missing a kind of warmth
that comes from your body on mine
I'm feeling left out and unmotivated I
might go back in bed for awhile
at least the sheets smell like you
at least inside this bedroom
I can ignore the passage of time
until the sun goes away and I spent another day
all by myself, inside

Forget I said anything
in fact lets us just pretend
I wasn't here at all
You should forget about me the way that I forgot you
with alcohol and time
So come and get it big taste, throw all your cans in this place
against an off white concrete brick wall
I'm leaving all you alone, I'm turning off my cell phone

There is a light inside of me
a bulb that rattles and shakes
no good for warmth, no good to see
there is a weakness inside me
a structural defect that I use to protect myself from defeat
Track Name: Salvation Envy
I'm glad you found god, he looks incredible on you
I swear your skin looks better with no bags under your view
I like the way you hang I like the your hands remain so clean and on display
but if you ever loved me at all, you will stow that shit away

It's not what we need here

Oh hey that's great, oh hey oh hey you have an answer for me?
Oh, ha ha ha that joke you told was so funny
You can't fool me, you can't fool me with all this PG-13 talk-and-walk away
If you ever loved me at all, you will stow that shit away

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