The Lord Will Have His Terrible Vengence

from by Science Club



Nothing you ever do goes unnoticed. Nothing you ever do is forgotten. Thanks to Z.Subes for being my wedding date.


Save the bathwater
Save the baby
don't throw away the things that sustain me
cut the metaphore, get specific
I want my friends back, I've grown to miss them
Zach asked "why're you afraid all the time?"
I said "if you're not, you must be out of your fucking mind"
I subscribe to a theory of strings
One simple snag can unravlle fucking everything

the way you look on the bed
the sounds that shake in my head
the terrible swift sword
the undending word of the lord

Drain the bathwater
kill the baby
last person out cut the lights and forgive me
I can't stand anymore navel-gazing
fuzzy vision and ennui fields waving
so don't ask me again if the doors are at 9, if the first band starts again
who you love, who you're friends with
punk rock is none of my business

the sleep we both were deprived
the tears I wiped from your eyes
the terrible swift sword
the undending word of the lord

the pride i felt in my chest
the echos that shook out the rest
the terrible swift sword
let my love open the door


from Ska, released September 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Science Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A punk rock band from Philadelphia, going nowhere and taking you along.

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