Day Job

by Science Club

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Don't quit yours.

Science Club is Joe Delorenzo, Nick Elmer and Nate Adams.


released February 24, 2015

Day Job was written by Science Club in over 5 locations between 2010 and 2014.

Day Job was recorded, mixed and edited by Kyle Pulley at Headroom Studios in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. The whole thing took about a month, all told. Thanks to the interns who helped, though your names escape me now.

Special thanks to the following people for their continued support of Science Club: our families, our girlfriends, the people who have come to see us live, the people who have purchased this recording. Without you, there is no substance beyond dick jokes in the void.

Special thanks to these institutions for their support: Sexy Teenagers, Hopeless Otis, Scatterbrain, Lucky 33, Corporate Hearts, Secret Pizza, The Bug Jar, Kung Fu Necktie, JRs Bar, 502 South, ABC No Rio, The Firehouse Saloon, 3rd and Girard, the XO Lounge and Voltage.



all rights reserved


Science Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A punk rock band from Philadelphia, going nowhere and taking you along.

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Track Name: Another Cruddup Juggernaut
Its happening around me
Its happening without me
(tell all your friends, "go inside")
I promised you blood
I promised you murder
(but i'd don't think I can deliver this time)
I watch nameless neighbors drag trash to the street
I hate everybody who looks just like me
We're part of the problem
Making it worse
The change that I don't wan't to be

I went out to dinner with all of my friends
Everyone there's doing great
Meanwhile I'm online for the 10,000th time
With the same dumbfuck look on my face
Whenever they tell me that it's getting better
I always find another way
Its not getting better, its not going away

I dream about dying
I dream about traps
I go to sleep nervous
and wake up like that
and all of my fancy bullshit booklearning
won't keep the cold off of my face

I wish that I didn't measure things in failure
The only scale that I can use
Its not getting better, and there's nothing to do
Track Name: Bad at Parties
Don't keep me up all night / I can't sleep all morning / get up real early.
Track Name: Selling Drugs in Union Square
watching drive in movies, sit in the park drinking lemonade
watching where we're going and doing out best not to act our age
but I want to be
where the waves crash on the sand
I want to be
where the ocean meets the land

getting on the subway, listening to top 40 songs
kicking it with cousins, doing our best to belong
but I want to stay
where the waves crash on the bay
but I want to be
where the ocean meets the land
Track Name: A Drunken Sleaze Party
When they ask you where you came from you can say you came from me
I'm owed one or two favors there, you can cash this in for free
I can't promise you a good life, but its better than the one you're about to see

I used to have a big house with more room than I could use
I traded it for an apartment where I live on top of you
and I guess you're smothering me too
dear god, one of us has got to move

I made this pile so now its mine, I hope that you had a good time
because this town is taking one of our lives
I still love you, yes I do, but I need to be so far from you
before this thing I love just up and dies

When they ask about what happens I hope you tell them the truth
I hope you say the awful things that I'll say about you
a selfishness, a couple drinks, a call; then everything fell through

When describing events herein, I hope you do it right
Its not a wreck, its not a death, its all somebody's fault
it's something dumb that always hurts someone;
a drunken sleaze party
Track Name: Bro Song
Later on when the lights come up
everybody makes it out alive
but right now nothing seems that certain
I can see it in your eyes

How many necks do you think you would step on
how many backs would break to advance?
Is there even a number?
I can't imagine it, but I hope you can.

Let's pretend that this something you planned on
let's pretend that it's more than minor crime
can you even dispel all the shit that you sell
and come up clean at the same time?

I can tell this isn't what you expected
I can tell that something has gone wrong
Can you go it alone?

And I know you're going to get stepped on
Do what they tell you to.
Track Name: Marathon
This is a marathon you'll never run
your bones will turn to splinters and you'll bake in the sun
they're pushing back the finish line ,you'll never be done
because this is a marathon that you'll never run

This is a marathon you'll never run
I knew that you were lying when you said it'd be fun
No, I am not sorry about all of the blood.
This is a marathon that you'll never run

This is a marathon and you'll never run
Track Name: Feelings: The Song
Give me it all
hang it around my neck like a bell
you'll always know when I'm close
Give me a wall
something to hold your back up against
something to frame us both

I was afraid
I wasn't sure how this would go
and if I'm honest I'm still not
Put all my things
loose in the backseat of my car
as if they could make a house a home

You were beautiful the last time that we spoke.

It's alright
I ran out of way to apologize so I stopped
we split up our records, we split up our friends
you'll die before you ever see me again
I ran out of ways to apologize so I stopped

Let's cross that bridge
show me the world you're trying to hide
show the things you'll miss the most
if there was a fire
these are the things I'd grab from the house
there are the people I'd pull through the smoke

Tell me not to walk away
tell me you want to make amends
and I will try my best
Tell me again
that I'm not doing enough
I guess

And where I stand is anybody's guess

I'm trying to hard not to fuck us both up
but history knows that it won't be enough
promises aren't ever worth anything
but I'm going to try and mean everything

Don't stop
Track Name: Crazy Taxi
There are no lyrics for this song. It is whatever you want it to be.
Track Name: Fuzz King
I was drinking in a daytime bar when Brooklyn lost a son
Philadelphia was burning so we decided to run
The pawnshop down on Monroe Ave has everything we need
Just go inside and stay alive, I swear that I won't leave

John told me that the last band left so we could finally go
I almost fell asleep and pitched the car into the road
I promised everyone I wouldn't do this but I lied
I want to keep your secrets but I guess I'm not that guy

I'll tell you what you want to know
I'll tell you everything

I past the point of worrying about this long ago
I'm going to look ridiculous I'll see you at the show
Ask me about the 90s and I'll make up all the gaps
I'll tell you what you want to know, you only have to ask
Track Name: A Suit For Weddings and Funerals
My friends are getting older
making me feel younger
they have cared for others while I focus on my hunger
for another night alone
another peaceful slumber
it won't be enough to keep this up

My friends are getting softer
making me seem louder
they have learned restraint while i spit nothing but gunpowder
who cares about the meaning when the volume is all that matters
it won't be enough to keep this up
Track Name: RPGs
And when we go I hope we both go quietly
I hope its soft I hope it happens in our sleep
You've always said that myrtars were the biggest fools
When you die, what could you have left to lose

I've always been afraid of what was in the dark
Not in my room but what's created in my heart
I'd rather have a fucking monster at my door
than have to live with what I'm capable of anymore

I could never remember anything
I will remember